Friday, October 30, 2015

Tutoring Your Own children (part 1 of 2)

Some parents find hiring a tutor for their kids would be the best since they are doubtful of their own qualifications as a tutor.  While some parents think that tutoring their own children would be a rewarding experience, since they would have to spend the time together. 

As mentioned, there are really some parents who think that they are not qualified to teach their own children.  But some experts would say that teaching your own children could be a breeze since parents know their children better. It is also said that parents know their children’s potential, thus they would know what are best for them. Parents just need to have boost in their confidence.

Another common apprehension of parents is that they think that they won’t be able to deal with their children.  Parents who do not have a healthy communications with their children fear that tutoring sessions would eventually lead to misunderstanding. 

Some experts say that tutoring your own children is a remarkable experience.  As a parent, you get to guide your children on their important development years.  You just have to be careful to avoid any impression that you are forcing and demanding them to perform well in school and would not expect and accept anything else. 

To avoid these circumstances, there are things that would make tutoring our own children a happy experience for both parents and kids. 

• Consult with your child’s teacher, first.  You would need information about what subjects your child is having difficulty.  This would help you identify which field you would be putting more focus and assistance. 

• Make tutoring sessions something they would look forward to. Remember that your kids are in school for most of the day.  They are just very tired in listening to different teachers giving lectures.  You would have to avoid that kind of atmosphere when tutoring them.  You could use different education materials that can be used during tutoring sessions.  You can buy puzzles, games, stories, worksheets and other materials that would suit your child’s level. 

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